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If the defib cabinet is locked, the code can be obtained by calling 999 who will also provide you with instructions on when and how to use the defibrillator.

AAA's Social Club, Holyhead Road, Chirk LL14 5NA

AAA's Bowling Green, Holyhead Road, Chirk LL14 5NA

ARCHWOOD LIMITED, Canal Wood Industrial Estate, Chirk LL14 5RL

BLACK PARK COMMUNITY CENTRE, Black Park, Halton, Wrexham LL14 5BB

CAFÉ WYLFA, Castle Road, Chirk LL14 5BS

CHIRK BANK, 11 Lower Chirk Bank, Chirk Bank LL14 5DD

CHIRK CASTLE, Chirk Castle Café, Chirk Castle, Chirk LL14 5AF

CHIRK TOWN COUNCIL(Only accessible when building is open), Parish Hall, Holyhead Road, Chirk LL14 5NA

NORTH WALES FIRE & RESCUE, Chirk Fire Station, Colliery Road, Chirk, LL14 5PR

NORTH WALES POLICE, Block C, Unit 1, Glyn Wylfa, Castle Road, Chirk LL14 5BS


PRINTING SOLUTIONS, 24 West View, Chirk, LL14 5HL

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